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Breast lift – creating an attractive, feminine form

A breast lift by a plastic surgeon counters the age-related slackening of the breast and gives back to the patient the firm breast of her youth. For many women, a limp breast represents a major psychological problem. They develop a distorted feeling for the body, as well as suffering from diminished self-confidence. This often results in relationship difficulties and inhibitions in relation to sport and other activities. A firm breast is the archetypal symbol of female beauty, youth and attractiveness in a woman. In earlier times women of advanced years who had been through a number of pregnancies would have had to put up with having slack breasts. Today it is possible for women to recover their youthful bodily contours with the help of a breast lift.

It is perfectly natural that in the course of time the form of the female breast undergoes changes.

  • The skin loses its elasticity overall.
  • The force of gravity works on the human body.
  • Fluctuations of weight also cause the breast to become slack.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding are also a factor – above all after breast-feeding the breast becomes smaller and limper than before.

Breast lift operation

A breast that has become limp and flabby can only be firmed up by means of an operation. Modern plastic surgery offers careful operating techniques which make it possible to carry out a breast lift with minimal scarring. A breast lift is a surgical intervention which has lasting results, and creates a firm bosom for many years. The surgeon lifts the breasts and gives them a new form. In the course of a breast operation of this kind, the glandular tissue of the breast is redistributed and fixed. In some patients, the breast lift is combined with a breast enlargement.If a breast lift is to be effective for many years, it is highly advisable to postpone the operation until no further pregnancies are intended. Otherwise the breast that has been lifted by the operation will fall limp again as a result of the pregnancy. Dr Bromba in Essen, Germany, sets great store by comprehensive personal consultation. A breast lift will be successful when the expectations of the patient are realistic and when the possibilities of the operation have been discussed in detail.

Procedure for a breast lift:

Before the operation, it is essential that you tell your doctor if you are taking any medicaments or hormone supplements. After the breast lift has been carried out, the patient needs at least a week of rest and should not go to work. The breast operation generally necessitates a short stay in the clinic of one or two days. At the St. Josef Hospital in Essen, Germany, you can enjoy all the advantages of a proper hospital. In normal circumstances a breast lift calls for a general anaesthetic. In some cases, however, when the patient requests it, the operation can be carried out under local anaesthetic with the help of sedatives. The breast lift operation takes from one and a half to three and a half hours. Before the operation the surgeon will discuss with the patient in detail what breast lift technique is the best one to use. The approach chosen will have implications for the residual scar. Taken all in all, Dr. med. Bromba endeavours to keep visible scarring to a minimum. His skills as a plastic surgeon are the patient’s guarantee that the operation will be conducted with extreme care. After the breast lift, a dressing or special bra will be worn, to counter post-operative swelling. A special supportive bra should continue to be worn for three to six weeks after the operation, to encourage the breast to heal without complications. Patients should also note that for three to four weeks after the breast operation they should avoid lifting heavy weights, and should not raise their arms over their head. Risks of a breast lift: The risks involved here are the standard risks of any operation – swelling, loss of blood, difficulty of healing. The breast that has been operated on or the nipple may also suffer from feelings of numbness, which do not always go away completely. The breast lift will leave some scarring in the breast area, but the scars will fade in the course of time.


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