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Effective wrinkle treatment with injection therapy

Wrinkle treatment at the St. Josef Hospital in Essen-Kupferdreh, Germany, is operated by the senior physician and specialist Dr. med. Raab.

The question what treatment of wrinkles is best for you, and the most fitting for the condition of your skin, is one that should be considered in an in-depth personal consultation. This will also give us the opportunity of discussing with you your wishes and expectations in detail.

Nowadays a wrinkled face is often thought to be out of keeping with an active and youthful feeling for life. Then too, a well-groomed and youthful appearance is regarded as being of high importance both in private and in professional life. Aesthetic plastic medicine has developed a number of different possibilities for the treatment of wrinkles. We as specialists who know all the relevant techniques (subcutaneous injection, facelift, laser treatment, peeling) can best advise you in relation to your issues. At a certain stage in the ageing of the skin, injection therapy is highly suitable as a form of wrinkle treatment. When the lines in the face are not too deep, this can restore a more youthful appearance to the skin. The facial skin gradually loses its youthful tautness, its elasticity and its capacity to regenerate. Our modern lifestyle also contributes to skin ageing – as a result of too much sun, stress, smoking etc. From a certain age up, cosmetic treatments no longer have much effect. Crow’s feet come into being, along with laughter lines, wrinkles in the forehead and grooves around the mouth. This is the point where wrinkle treatment by injection therapy comes into play. Various dermal fillers – filling materials inserted beneath the skin – plump out the wrinkles from below and give the skin a naturally fresh appearance. Depending on the progress of skin ageing, the subcutaneous injection of wrinkles may be combined with other methods.

Wrinkle treatment with different preparations

Subcutaneous injection can be very effective in removing wrinkles. Folds and areas of the face that have already sunk can be lifted again with a filler. The subcutaneous injection of the body’s own fat can fill out thin lips or cheeks in a very natural way. The length of time for which subcutaneous injection remains effective varies widely, as the body’s own fat and other supplements will gradually break down as a consequence of metabolism. With some patients this type of wrinkle treatment is effective only for a few weeks; with others, the effect may last for several months. For smoothing out the wrinkles of the skin, we use not only absorbable materials, but also materials derived from the body itself (such as the body’s own fat) and preparations that last. The choice of preparation and method of wrinkle treatment will be determined by various factors: localisation of the wrinkles, type and depth of wrinkles, personal preferences of the patient and so on. The methods we use include subcutaneous injections, injections of botulinum toxin (Botox®), peeling treatments and dermabrasion (excoriation).

Absorbable, non-lasting preparations:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Body’s own fat
  • Botulinum toxin (botox treatment).

Dermabrasion: wrinkle treatment can be supplemented by a dermabrasion or peeling. Removal of the outer layers of the skin gives the skin a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Procedure for injection therapy:

Injections for the treatment of wrinkles are given to outpatients. If the patient wishes for an anaesthetic, an anaesthetic cream can be applied or a local anaesthetic administered. This is followed by the injection of the preparation. When the body’s own fat is used, the treatment starts with the removal of the fat from the chosen site, after which the prepared fat is inserted in the region selected for the subcutaneous injection. Risks of wrinkle treatment: The injection of various preparations may lead to undesirable side-effects. In some cases hyaluronic acid can lead to pronounced swellings. Treatment with botox sometimes paralyses muscles which actually should not be affected.


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