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Breast reduction for a harmonious feeling of the body
at the St. Josef hospital in Essen-Kupferdreh, Germany

A breast reduction recommends itself for women who are naturally endowed with over-large breasts in relation to the rest of the body. Very large breasts can have negative effects in a number of areas. With its not inconsiderable weight, the breast can have detrimental effects on the health. Poor posture, painful tensions in the neck and shoulders and regular headaches are quite common in the women affected. All in all, over-large breasts can result in a restricted capacity for movement, which can cause problems in connection with sport and in some professions. Psychological difficulties as a result of large breasts are also not uncommon. A breast reduction gives most women a completely new feeling for life. They acquire zest for sport and exercise. They feel slim and light, as if they have finally got the right proportions. Women can now form partnerships with fewer inhibitions, and their health problems disappear – or at any rate can be kept in check with the help of a programme of exercise therapy.

Breast reduction operation – mammary reduction by plastic surgery

Excessively large breasts can only be reduced with the help of an operation. Mammary reduction by plastic surgery is a procedure for reducing the size of over-large breasts. In many cases, good cosmetic results can be achieved in the long term by combining the breast reduction with a breast lift. The experienced plastic surgeon Dr. med. Bromba in Essen, Germany, carries out breast reduction operations by a method that minimises the scars. He avoids making a cut in the inframammary fold if at all possible, and leaves the patient with an unblemished décolletage.A breast reduction frequently makes it necessary to transpose the nipple. Asymmetry between the breasts can also be balanced out in the course of the operation. At the same time you need to be aware, when planning the operation, that the ability to breast-feed may be adversely affected by the breast reduction. If the woman still wishes to have children, it would be better to postpone the operation until after pregnancy. In the case of a breast reduction it is very important to go into the operation with realistic expectations. Dr Bromba sets store by individual and personal consultation. The pattern of scars remaining after the operation should also be discussed with Dr Bromba in intensive detail.

Procedure for a breast reduction:

The patient should schedule a week of rest following the operation. Breast reduction at the St. Josef Hospital in Essen, Germany, is carried out on inpatients, and the operation is almost always conducted under a general anaesthetic. In some cases it is possible, however, when the patient so desires, to work with a local anaesthetic and sedatives. The operation takes two to three hours. In a breast reduction glandular and fatty tissue is removed from the lower part of the breast. There are different techniques available for this, depending on the extent of the reduction that is desired. The scars remaining after the operation vary in accordance with the method adopted. Following the conclusion of the operation, a dressing or special bra will be worn in order to minimise the post-operative swelling. A special bra should continue to be worn for the first three to six weeks following the breast reduction. This supports the breast for the duration of the healing process. Risks of breast reduction: As with any other kind of operation, there is a risk of swelling and loss of blood, and the wound may take a long time to heal. After a breast reduction the breast or nipple may also suffer from feelings of numbness, which do not always go away completely. In a breast reduction it is not possible to avoid scars in the breast area, but these will be kept to a minimum. In isolated cases it may not be possible to achieve hundred percent symmetry of the breasts.


The Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Essen, Germany