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Eyelid correction for a wide-awake appearance

The eye region is the area of the face that is most noticed. Beautiful and radiant eyes give the whole person a positive aura. Both women and men with a youthful look around the eyes are more attractive and appealing in relation to their surroundings. An eyelid correction can reverse the ageing process around the eyes for good. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate, which is why it ages more rapidly than the thicker skin that you find on the arms and legs. The ageing process shows first of all in the region of the eyes. The upper and lower eyelids are chiefly responsible for the expression of the eyes. When the skin of the upper and lower lids becomes loose and slack, this gives an impression of age and weariness. The slackening of the eyelids is connected with the sagging of the fatty tissue. In the course of time, moreover, crow’s feet form around the eyes. Beneath the eyes the skin becomes loose, giving rise to little fatty pads or lachrymal sacs. In people with normal eyes, the entire face looks older. People with small eyes already have a tendency to hooded eyelids, and their eyes will look even smaller as a result. An eyelid correction can offer a remedy.

Lid correction and removal of the lachrymal sacs

Age-related changes in the ocular region can be reversed by a relatively small and non-intrusive surgical intervention. An eyelid correction, with removal of the lachrymal sacs and the hooded lids, can be achieved just with a short operation under local anaesthetic. This removes the superfluous skin and fatty pads around the eyes. The result is a younger and fresher appearance all round. As with every cosmetic operation, it is important that patients’ expectations should be realistic. Then they can look forward to being highly satisfied with the result. Dr Bromba in Essen, Germany, places a special emphasis on intensive consultation and thorough explanation of the issues before an eyelid correction is carried out.

Procedure for an eyelid correction:

Eyelid corrections (blepharoplasty) are generally carried out on an outpatient basis. Following an eyelid correction you should allow for a week to ten days, during which time you will not want to be going out in company much. With some patients it may be advisable to stay on at the clinic as an inpatient for a few days. A local anaesthetic is often sufficient for the operation, when combined with the administration of a sedative. The lid lift operation normally takes around 60 minutes. A fine cut is made in the upper lid, in the natural fold; on the lower lid, the cut is located just below the line of the lashes. A lid correction will remove the projecting subcutaneous fatty tissue, which has made itself evident in the lachrymal sacs under the eyes in the past. After the operation, the cuts will be closed and are no longer visible. Following any kind of eyelid correction, the patient should ideally spend 24 hours quietly sitting upright in bed. The eyes will be cooled down with cold compresses and ice bags. Two weeks after the operation, sporting activities can be resumed to a certain extent. All in all, you should avoid strenuous physical effort for 14 days after a lid correction. The risks associated with an eyelid correction by a specialist consultant are minimal. Effectively they are the same as with any other operation. Swellings, loss of blood, infections or difficulty of healing may occur in very rare cases.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty: removal of the lachrymal sacs

A transconjunctival blepharoplastic operation for the removal of the lachrymal sacs is a relatively minor one. Only a small cut needs to be made on the inner side of the lower lids in order to remove the sacs. With this kind of eyelid correction, there will be no visible scars.


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