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Facial operations for aesthetic reasons

A facelift or a relatively small correction to the face can improve your radiance and enable you to make a positive impression for a long time. A facelift can compensate for the premature ageing of the face and help you to achieve a fresher facial expression. Plastic surgery on the head and neck areas is one of the areas of specialism covered by the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Essen. We offer the entire range of procedures in aesthetic plastic facial surgery, treating wrinkles and slack areas of the skin on the basis of a facial operation.

The following facial operations are carried out by Specialist Dr. med. Michael Bromba:

  • Nasal corrections
  • Lid corrections (drooping eyelids, lacrimal sacs)
  • Facelift
  • Treatment of wrinkles by injection or dermabrasion.

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Facelifts to arrest the signs of the times

A successful facelift generally consists in a combination of several different operations. Only on this basis can you achieve a harmonious overall image which will give you a youthfully fresh appearance for a long period.An effective facial operation may be a complete facelift in its own right. But in many cases, interventions on a smaller scale – like an eyelid lift, a lift of the neck or forehead, or liposuction in the face or neck – can also be sufficient to do the job. Non-operative measures for the treatment of wrinkles have also been found highly effective. In this area the Plastic Surgery Clinic works with subcutaneous injections, peelings and dermabrasion.

Your looks should match the age you feel

As part of the ageing process, we progressively acquire a slack, tired face. Other causes of the ageing of the skin are the following:

  • heavy exposure to the sun
  • general lifestyle (smoking, stress etc.)
  • genetic factors

Angry folds form on the forehead, there are furrows around the nose and mouth, crow’s feet and drooping lids develop and lacrimal sacs show under the eyes. The chin loses its firm contour, a double chin develops. Many people would like to look younger and fresher once more. They want to recover their former radiance and the feeling for life that they had previously. It is a very individual matter how skin ageing takes place. Some people experience radical alterations to the face when they are still relatively young; with others, negative changes only set in at a later stage. The face is our visiting card. With every encounter – whether in a personal or professional context – the face takes centre stage. So it is altogether understandable that many people want to have a fresh and youthful face, never mind what their actual age is. For a lot of people, a face with deep wrinkles just does not go with their active feeling for life any more.


The Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Essen, Germany