The Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Essen, Germany

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Plastic and aesthetic surgery in Essen, Germany

The St. Josef Hospital and its sister clinic, the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Hattingen-Niederwenigern, together constitute the Catholic Clinics of the Ruhr Peninsula. Both establishments are noted for the high quality of the treatment they offer and for a high level of patient satisfaction. For years their specialist units have occupied top positions in the Rhine/Ruhr Clinic Guide a study on patient satisfaction published by the Ruhr Region Initiative.

Clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery: Senior Consultant Dr. Michael S. F. Bromba

Dr Bromba’s Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is a part of the St. Josef Hospital in Essen. Patients come to receive treatment here from all regions of Germany as well as from abroad. As a major department of the hospital with 50-bed capacity, the plastic surgery unit is the only recognised clinic for plastic surgery in Essen and the Ruhr region. The clinic in Germany covers the entire spectrum of plastic and aesthetic operations. It also specialises in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. The success of the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Essen rests on the fact that all patients are advised and treated personally and individually. The best possible treatment strategy is worked out in consultation with the patient, taking into account the medical criteria and the patient’s personal wishes. On average, the Plastic Surgery Clinic carries out more than 1000 operations on inpatients every year, as well as over 400 on outpatients.

Plastic surgery for the restoration of the body surface

With an integrated Senology Centre, the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Essen, Germany, focuses on the restoration of the body surface. The clinic’s doctors treat deficits resulting from tumour operations, other diseases or accidents. The range of aesthetic and plastic operations covered by the clinic also includes the restoration of normal physical form and functionality for patients with congenital defects. A malformed body is often a serious burden for the person in question. The possibilities offered by plastic surgery enable the sufferer to recover emotional equilibrium. In breast cancer cases, the clinic carries out all operational procedures for the reconstruction of the breast. After accidents, too, a damaged face can be carefully and considerately reconstructed. Purely aesthetic handicaps can also be a heavy burden to carry. Aesthetic plastic surgery can help with many physical changes, enabling patients to recover their old self-confidence and pleasure in their physical being.

Specialisms of the Plastic Surgery Clinic

  • Aesthetic breast surgery
  • Reconstruction of the breast following breast cancer, using the body’s own tissue and microsurgical techniques, expander treatments
  • Facial reconstruction with facial tumours, involving elaborate tissue transpositions including the free transfer of tissue
  • Nose operations: restoration of normal functionality (nasal breathing), reconstruction of the outward form of the nose, especially following trauma (rhinoplasty) and for patients with congenital facial defects (e.g. cleft lip, palate or gum)
  • Backside: corrective plastic and/or restorative operations on the body, including major abdominal wall hernias and decubitus ulcers
  • Covering traumatic or tumour-caused defects with local transpositions of skin and/or muscle as well as with free tissue transfer (microscopic vascular anastomosis)
  • Liposuction: liposuction on all areas of the body for medical or aesthetic reasons


The Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Essen, Germany